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Windows rulezzz.. Linux sucks

Hi all,

Haha Microsoft Critics .... How very stupid for a bunch of guys to criticize Microsoft...

Why do most people in the world have Windows on their computer? Why are 85% of the applications in the world programmed for Windows (let it be Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2k, XP, 2k3 or even Windows Embedded CE)? All applications are first devoloped for Windows and then ported to Linux..

I do agree that Linux and Unix both have stable kernels ... Windows also has a decent kernel.. DECENT..

Wwwwwait a minute... Havent you guys heard of the Windows Longhorn OS.. I'm sure WinFS, Avalon & Indigo of Longhorn can very easily beat up Linux/Unix... Longhorn is 64bit/32bit compatible .. I'm sure capable of ANYTHING Linux or Unix can do.. and a very very much more.. Though I've not checked out the Longhorn ALPHA or else BETA.. I can make out its goin 2 be a rock solid OS ... (I'm already goin through the Programming of a Longhorn App and XAML with Longhorn code in VB .NET, VC# .NET etc. rocks!!

Linux's so-called "Gnome" is no match for Avalon or even for WinXP's GUI

Haha, Linux's CharUI ... blah ...

Newayz I'm 12 years of age and ... going & growing ... I'm almost an MCSD (a lil more exams to go) and doin my MCSE in a few..

reply via mail (preferred) or else reply to this thread
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