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controlling winamp from another computer

currently my media PC is at my coffee table with a fat bundle of cables running to the stereo/tv. it has two video cards, one with s-video output for the tv, and digital & analog audio i/o.

i'd like to put that PC in the stereo rack with a wifi net connection and control media playback from my other pcs.

my first thought was VNC, which works, except that winamp's "video options" gives no way to start playback in full screen mode, and VNC doesn't support moving the mouse to the second video card's window to double click to full screen. winamp does remember that the video playback window is on the secondary video card, but doesn't remember full screen mode.

any ideas?
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The ml_www plugin allows a remote control over the network, or if you set it up with router, from the internet.
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another point, in not really regarding your question, but since i recently tried dealing with all this and reading up on it I thought I would mention...
try to find a wifi router which supports lossless stream of your audio files over a network. If you are trying to send your music which is already lossy, like 196 kbps mp3 song for example it will even be more lossy and noticable degredation in sound qualilty if you try to send over a wireless network to your laptop and then to some hifi audio system. There are wireless routers, Linksys makes routers which will handle lossless encoded streaming channels.
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