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Funny animals

I am bored, living in the death star sure does get boring and friking boiling hot when the suns out.....haha I'm only playing.
Has any one got any animals that do funny or cute things??

I was looking after my cousins dog and she was playing with ice cubes in the front garden while I was writing poems and stuff, and the dog wandered off. By time she got back the ice cube had melted. Then when I gave her another one she got it lost in some plants, haha.

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He's a good pet, but his smoking habbit is getting annoying. Gonna have to make the newspaper roll thicker.

But a lot of these and these would make for interesting pets.

I'm sure they could do lots of funny things.

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I have no pets but I always thought that Tupaias look pretty funny...


Another one:
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we used to have this black lab mix, "Socks" or "that damn dog", that had perfected the black lab "i'm a dumb dog, yup, yup" look, she was anything but. except for the tumbleweed incident. we were living in texas at the time and my dad and grandmother went for a walk with socks, when all of a sudden the dog stands stock still and she starts this low growl. my dad is wondering "wtf" because there's nothing around them. socks starts growling even louder and her body starts winding up as if she's going into attack mode. my grandmother looks up ahead of them and starts laughing... socks was trying to protect them against a tumbleweed that was heading towards them.
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OMG gogitta, some of them are sick.

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I have this cat RINGO, and this
is a list of the shit I have to take:
* has sex with stuffed animals
* meows all the fricken time(I can have conversasions with him just by meowing and he responds)
* licks everything (my toes my lips)
* beats up the girl cats when they don't want sex
* sometimes very stupid( here I'll just fall off a chair)
* I can have huge battles with him(if a frisk him up a lot he will start to play-fight and attack my whole leg or jump up and attck my shoulder while I'm sitting in a chair) WTF is with that?

but I love him

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I can have conversations with my cat just by meowing, and she says 'thank you' when you let her in. (Well, to me anyways.) It's this kind of "mee ee ee" sound, and then she tiddles in the house and it's all good.

Awesome cat.

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When she cant see me, my cat meows really loud and it sounds like she is calling my name.

One time I was showing someone (can't remember who off hand) how cool a cat she was, so I called her and she walked up to my feet, then I told her to go to Josh (My best friend, he was sitting across the room at the time) she walked over to him and sat down by his feet, then I called her back and she ran back and sat on my lap. She is such a cool cat at some times and a total b!tch at others.

[edit]I might be getting a baby racoon soon. I don't know what I'm going to do with a baby racoon but I know someone who has a pet racoon who recently gave birth and he wants to get rid of the babies.[/edit]
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I have two cats, one female and one male.

Both of them like to play sit in opposite corners of the room near the wall in attack position. Take note that the male is dumb and fat and the female is smart and quick. Well, he takes off first and she just sits, in about a split second I hear something go dong off the door and its him. I think he now is mentally retarded.

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My cat is hilarious if you shine a laser at her, especially when she's chasing it and I shine it on a wall; she'll run right into the wall, get up, then jump all up and down on the wall trying to get it.

My dog has a weird fear of RC vehicles. The second I just touch one, he takes of running faster than a scared cat. It's so freakin' funny!!! Also a very easy way to get him outta my room when he's bugging me.

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...always wanted an armadillo for some reason.
also, my puppy gallops. Running isn't quite his speed yet.

Get it? Speed? Run?

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Very of animals is funny!
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Here is "Best cute and funny animals" LOL
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12 year old thread bump.

Seems legit.

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Corgis are very funny animals. They have unique body shape, which makes them most cutest animals ever! My favorite funny video is this corgi husky mix puppy playing with his owner. It's just adorable and funny at the same time!
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