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Enqueing Songs to be played after the current one

I've been using Winamp now for some time (has it been a decade or two? Can't remember ever having used something else for music playback) and generally I've been rather satisfied. Some odds and ends have bothered me on occasion, but that's alright.

So it was this one evening(actually, this very evening I'm writing this) that an old thought reoccurred to me. I really would like a function that allows me to - while shuffle is on - select the next few songs to play without changing mode or rearranging my PL. Yeah right, like they would implement something that simple and comfortable! (I was a bit irrationally annoyed due to the - by now solved - hazzles about drag and drop from folders onto the current PL under Win7) That got me thinking on how to best realize something that simple ... again - that feature was one I wanted for years by now. And again the easiest solution I could think up was to make "ALT" + "Left-Click" do the trick (CTRL already being in use to marking multiple songs). Ha! As if they would ever do that.
*Meanwhile - just to prove my point to my self - I press ALT and left-click on some random song*
See - totally easy, but that will nev... HEY! Wait a moment! Where's that number coming from!? Is that what I think it is?

Alas, it was what I thought it was.
Oh Irony, never noticing they have long granted my wish and I never bothered to notice.

Now, the point I am trying to make is this:
Thank You! ...
... WinAMP Team for once again proving why I am quite unlikely to ever change my Music-Playback-Tool. For creating the easiest to use, most friendly supported and generally most competent music player.
Now I'm almost expecting to stumble across an ingenious feature I should have thought of long ago and never did. At least, my wish-list for WinAMP is pretty much exhausted to my full satisfaction.

Thanks again.
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that'd be down to my JTFE plug-in which does that and has done so since 2004 (when i agreed to having it shipped in the distribution) so am surprised you've not come across it before along with using 'q' or the right-click menu to do it.

and it's Winamp not WinAMP (the later hasn't existed for years ).

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