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help with "various artists"

when tranferring files to the ipod it lists every artist separately even though some are part of a compilation. I do have the album artist tagged accordingly and it still lists every individual artists when scrolling artists on the ipod. How do I keep them classified under the hierarchy of album artist? So I can just look in one place for the entire album?
I read the posts on this which i could find and it seems my tags are right with either a name in album artist or "various artist"
not sure why when I wheel the ipod to, for example, Mark Farina who is the album artist and labeled such and only 4 songs show up when I click his name, the rest which are the other artists in his compilation are scattered all over the ipod??

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using winamp 5.552 full version.
no plug-ins at this point.
windows XP
ipod classic 30G (video)

maybe this is the answer:
any advise is appreciated.
If I classify my ML pane as "album Artist" instead of just "artist" will it sync to the the ipod as a mirror image of the ML so that it when you click artist on the ipod it will show the album artists the same as it is arranged in the ML.

Also, not having a go at Winamp cause I love it, and not being cynical but whats the point of having the option "remove from ipod" if it will just try to put it right back on the ipod during the next sync?
Just wondering, cause there are some music I dont want cluttering my ipod to save space but would still like to have in my ML.
Also, play counts are not updating when syncing?
Any advice would be apprec.

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