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Stats from Streaming Service

I have stations using Shoutcast Streaming Service, and use the Stats Tool - http://wiki.shoutcast.com/wiki/File:...gator_tool.pdf - to get the listener count. However, the counts I get are much lower than shown on the Radio Manager stats page. For example, the stats page shows 200, while the tool reports 50. The stats page is about right, otherwise the real stats and daily average wouldn't be consistent.

So is the stats tool just broken, or is there something more than was is described in the .pdf ?
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what is the url to your DNAS?

from reading that pdf, its a bit confusing since at the bottom it says

This tool does not currently work with Radionomy or DNAS+ stations
furthermore its last revision was in 2015.

honestly the only place you should be going for stats on your DNAS, is your DNAS. sc_serv offers a number of methods for you to get stats and then theres several different pages that will provide different subsets of data, just the listeners, or just the metadata, or other stats like number of tune in and uptime and bandwidth, which be filtered on a per-sid basis, or globally for the entire server.

check out the following sections in the documentation

5.1 Administration Pages
5.1.1 Public Pages
5.1.2 Private Pages Configuration Reload
5.2 XML / JSON / JSON-P Responses

here are some bits from those sections

Provides a summary of information about the stream. This matches the private administrator version from admin.cgi?sid=#&mode=viewxml&page=1
If no 'sid' is specified, the response provided is from either stream #1 or the only active stream.

This is the modern version of the 7.html page as provided by legacy 1.x DNAS
server. See section 5.2 for more details on the format of the response returned.

Provides a reduced set of information about the specified stream which is compatible with reporting tools only compatible with 1.x DNAS servers. For more detailed information about the stream use the 'stats' request.

Provides a summary of information about any known and connected streams. This is the same information as shown via stats?sid=# and additionally provides consolidated statistics including the total number of clients connected to the server across all streams.

stats?sid=#, statistics and 7.html?sid=# methods support &pass=<password> on the request.

This works like the normal mode but only allows access when 'hidestats' is enabled if the
password matches to one allowing access to the stream's admin pages or source connections.


Returns output of the choosen stream information in the requested format (supporting XML / JSON / JSON-P).

If 'page' is not set or is outside of the range 0 to 6 then this will output all of the information as the default viewxml or viewjson actions provide. Otherwise the response only displays information based on the value assigned to the 'page' value which can be from 1 to 6 and maps as follows:

1 → Stream Summary This is the same as using the public stats?sid=# action
2 → Not used Previously used for Webdata Stats but not in current builds
3 → Listener Stats
4 → Song History
5 → Stream Metadata If supported by the source and can just be title
6 → Stream Configurations Displays all of the known stream configurations though this is only available on admin.cgi

If accessing the standard viewxml or viewjson or the listener stats (page=3), you can also send &iponly=1 which filters the listener information (if there are any) to just output the IP instead of the full information provided normally.
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I think he's referring to SCSS (hosted in Radionomy) instead of DNAS (self/rented elsewhere SC Server).
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in short, you should only trust the stats provided by the DNAS stats pages/xml/json. you can be assured that those stats are not stale or cached and that they are calculated correctly.
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aggregator, stats too

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