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play server stream through Winamp

I'm sure this question has come up before, but I've searched and failed. Please would someone let me know how to play the server stream through Winamp - particularly the last.fm and pandora app streams. It would save me a ton of frustration searching through unorganized and ancient posts! Grr!

PS - I don't think it matters, but just in case - my winamp version is 5.8. I know there have been numerous updates since, but I'm very happy with that version...
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there hasn't been any updates since 5.8, as 5.8 is beta, so I am not sure what you are referencing to.

Unless there's a plugin specific to stream pandroa, I don't know how you could except using the browser. There is a last.fm plugin, but I am not sure when it was last updated or if it does what you want.

Ultimately, you would have to find a plugin for winamp to do what you want, and there might be one somewhere via a google search

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I too was wondering if I could use WinAmp for the visualizations while streaming the audio from Pandora (via web browser). I really like how the many WinAmp visualizations sync to the audio.
I guess this is not possible(?)
Or is there another app that will do something like this (play visuals to Pandora)?
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Winamp version may be not compatible with your system So Update with latest version and reset of your secondary tools that can help you more.
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