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Visualization transitions

How the heck do you keep the sisualizations from changing every few seconds on AVS? I might want to look at something for more than 5 or 6 seconds.
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Quoted from the AVS FAQ...

Question #4a: AVS keeps changing the visuals every X seconds. How can I turn this off?
Question #4b: AVS keeps showing the same visual. How can I make it change presets regularly?

To turn this on/off, you have to open the configuration dialog first (see Question #2). Then, go to the 'Settings' menu at the top, click 'Presets/Hotkeys'. Now, turn on/off the checkbox marked 'Randomly switch presets'.
Note that AVS will never cycle presets while the configuration dialog is open, even when this is turned on. Make sure that this is turned off anyway when creating presets, because you could easily lose an unsaved preset this way.

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A tad bit more convenient way...
Pressing R while the AVS window is in focus will toggles random presets.


If using the Modern Default skin (or some other modern skins), press the 'Random' button in the vis drawer/window to toggle random preset.

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