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Winamp fails to add tracks library (gets stopped at x percent)

I had to do a fresh install of windows and winamp. Last time I installed it was back in 2013 and had no issues then. Now it seems to hang when I tried to add my library. I have tried manually dragging folders over, but it seems that it only works for a little bit before it gets hung at adding songs to library and will sit there with a percentage bar.

I am highly disappointed in the shoddy way this has went downhill over the years. Many of us never liked the idea of this being sold to AOL and was apprehensive then of what it would mean for WinAmp, only to be told we are overeacting. Now what do we see? Something that has been pawned off to another company only left to rot until whenever they do get updates out that will fix broken issues no one will remember it or move onto other alternatives.

The only reason I still use winamp was for a particular lyrics plugin and drag drop ability between thumbdrives and phones. My alternative on Windows 10 is iTunes and I seriously hate that software with a burning passion, but feel at this point I may have to move on.
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Make sure you're installing the patched release of the current version of Winamp.

Look in post #2 of the Winamp News thread for download links (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=374929).

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