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Usability issues & Feature requests

I'm a devoted Winamp user since 1996. I'd never use anything else, and TODAY I found out about the Mac version. You made my day! And it looks awesome! Very beautifully designed, except the scrollbars make no sense to be white, they have to change to dark style.

Unfortunately, the app seems unusable in the first 5 minutes of usage. First, it seems too centered around the idea of sucking iTunes's library and doing all the fancy sync stuff iTunes does. I'd be much happier if it did the same as Winamp 2.9 for Windows.

So even though I think it was a bit lame move from Winamp staff to mirror iTunes, I will much prefer using this in the long run, if I manage to. I hate iTunes. I love Winamp 2.9.

I understand Winamp for Mac is still in development, and for that reason I came to give you a beta testing report if it may be useful.

Usability Issues:

- In the Play Queue, the keyboard shortcut for remove track (CMD+Backspace) doesn't work.

- if I click a track in the center section, it adds the whole album to the play queue (wtf?)

- I clicked a track in the center section, another track started playing. Found out, it's mp3 file was gone from the disk, and it played a track further in the list. No indication next to the track showing it is playing! Please put a tiny speaker's icon next to the playing track (even in the center section)

- I clear the Play Queue. I double-click a track in the center section. A massive list of 47 tracks is added to the Play Queue. (wtf?)

- Clear the Play Queue. Double-click another track. The same 47 files jump into the Play Queue. (???)

- I try a different method. I clear the Play Queue. I drag a track which I now the mp3 file is present, into the Play Queue. An indication over the mouse tells me the track will be added. I release the mouse button, nothing happens, the track is not added to the Play Queue, no matter how much I try.

- I try to drag an mp3 file from my desktop to the Play Queue (most important thing in the world) and nothing happens. I can't do that.

- I feel I have very little power over the play queue.

Feature suggestions:

- In the "Import from iTunes", provide an option to bypass all tracks that have lost their respective mp3 files. It's pointless to have them imported, at least for me.

- Provide that what iTunes doesn't have: Functionality to wipe out all tracks which have lost the reference mp3 file. Sometimes we erase or move files, it's good to have such "Clean my library" function. Otherwise we end up with lots of junk.

- Please have the keyboard shortcuts working nicely. Please add a "CTRL+TAB" shortcut for toggling between panes/sections of the interface.

- Please redesign the scrollbars to dark theme (but visible). It's a designer's nightmare to see those super white bars in the middle of a dark theme, they totally grab our attention.

- Please make our selected track's selection rectangle more distinguishable. If I click a track in the middle, the rectangle around it looks the same as the rectangle of the selected playlist on the left. I want to know where I am.

- Please make a minimized mode - resembling the classic winamp. With the possibility, like in the classic winamp, to have player and playlist side-by-side, and collapsible. I love to have that fine rectangle on top, I double-click to expand wither the player or the play list. Player only, or playlist only. Less clutter, more efficiency.

- Add a tiny icon to Mac's status bar on top, with the Winamp agent, where we can click to invoke it.

- Allow to drag files from outside Winamp into any of Winamp's sections. Drag to queue, add to queue ONLY (not library!!!!). Drag to middle section, adds to library. Drag to Playlists section, create playlist -> have a tooltip over mouse saying "Create Playlist" so the user knows a playlist will be created. Same thing for dropping files in the other sections. Visual feedback is vital nowadays.


I am a Designer / Developer / Musician / Listener / Super Winamp fan. If you search for my name Antonio Brandao you can fond more about me. If the creators of the software would like to have my help designing the application and helping curate the interaction, I will be glad to help. I just don't know how to code C++, so there I can't help

I hope my suggestions don't fall in the void!

Much love for Winamp. Have a nice day you all!
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As a software developer myself I just wanted to throw a quick kudo out for a well written report - I hope your time was not wasted as well.

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I am a long time happy paid Winamp user on Windows. I just bought a Macbook Pro for my audio work and was happy to see Winamp for OSX...

It's very frustrating. Hardly anything works.
I will keep my patience about me and keep rolling with the beta anyways, I'm glad you guys are doing this thank you very much!

Nice GUI elements, the little light denoting 'now playing' is cool, but could light up a bit more, maybe then I could SEE in this dark GUI :P
...the search function seems to work also.

It's all a bit minimal which could be cool, although is currently a bit like a burger bun after the filling has dropped out.

When I click to drag ANY song title in the library or playlist to rearrange - it moves the GUI.

I cant drag songs from my USB key into the playlist. I can't really drag anything anywhere.

I can't reorder or resize any track attribute columns (artist/album etc).

Nothing highlights or changes colour to show me I have selected something. So I can't actually click ON anything and the only way I know i'm actually interfacing with the program is the tiny right click menu.

There are no options for anything, except watched folders.

I don't have time to keep typing, but there's not much else to say unfortunately, there's not much THERE!!

I'm running OSX 10.8.2 and the latest 0.8.1 Winamp release ala 7th Jan 13.

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...also I cannot drag the GUI to my external monitor, it is confined to my primary screen.

and FLAC files don't play unfortunately.
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