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Donkey Kong Country

The first installment of this classic game released in 1994 was a hit. Brought out on the Super Nintendo it boasted awesome graphics, a stunning soundtrack and excellent gameplay. This game was second to none, a non-stop thriller all the way until King K-Rool is defeated (for the second time ).

The story my friends does not end happily though. As with all classic games produced by evil corporations, they released a sequel (several in fact). Every single time they release another I cringe at the tacky storylines and the extra characters make me want to break down and cry.

I love that origional DKC to bits, one day I expect to reproduce the entire game with my own engine using 3D graphics but still a 2D platform adventure. My game will feature all the old levels as accurately as I can master. And just for the hell of it, I will throw in a level editor.

Do others feel so disgusted by the way the origional creators have cashed in on their massive franchise with shithouse products?
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nope, and i hated all the donkey kong games, but why do you want to steal someone else's intellectual property like this?

I hate everyone, so you don't have to.
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eventhough dixy and that baby monkey werent as cool as diddy and dk i thought dkc2 + 3 were just as good. as a game they had just as much and as good game play to them. if you look closely in dkc3 when you go in to wrinkly kongs cave (that old lady) shes playing an n64. i thought that was a pretty cool little easter egg for an snes game.

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I loved DKC and I thought the sequals were pretty good quality games too, but to be honest I didnt play them anything like as much.


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why do you want to steal someone else's intellectual property like this?

Because consumers want products they like. Because a 3-d version of DKC is not offered, the consumer in this case is generating this product.

No supply + significant demand = product forthcoming.

If they aren't doing it, someone else will. That's creativity, not theft.
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