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SysTray Double Icon Bug

The icon appears in the system tray twice, even though instructed to appear only once (one for the Agent, one for WA), but only via shortcut keys.

I tried with the "WA" icon, that is on a black background with white text. First, remove the WinAMP icons from both, Taskbar AND System Tray. Next, make sure you have enabled the Agent.
Secondly, assign some Hotkeys/Shortcuts. I assigned CTRL+SHIFT+W to bring WA to focus or minimize it.

If everything is setup properly, you'll have the nifty agent in your tray as the sole icon. If you close WA, you can use the agent to restore it and also you'll save up one space there since you won't have WA in either the tray, nor the taskbar, since WA and the Agent are made to perfectly communicate with eachother so you can issue the click commands to the agent just as if it were WA itself. Anyway, onwards with the bug report.

Third step, the tests! Minimize WA via the minimize button. It should minimize to the tray. Result: SUCCESS, no bug.
next, use either WINDOWS+D or the SHOW DESKTOP command from the taskbar or the shortcut from quick launch. Again, the result should be success with no bug. Last test, and the one that had the bug for me: use CTRL+SHIFT+W to minimize WA. You will now have TWO icons, one for the agent, one for WA, even though you configured it to only have the agent one. Result: failed, a bug! This only happened if I used the hotkey shortcut.


Win XP Pro + SP2, DX 9c, WA 5.33 (haven't tried it with previous versions).
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I hope they fix this
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