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Docs.txt isn't very helpful at all

Originally Posted by dream4u View Post
which one do you mean? There's nothing to install just extract, make your settings in the config files and start the application. Read the doc.txt
I must say that the install on this is not so straight forward and the documentation is non existent. I realize us n00bs probably bother the high and mighties in here but setting this up is a real headache and one would expect just a tad more from such a large company and an even larger wait time.

I think this version has been in the works for years now and to be honest it's half arse at best when you consider there are NO INSTRUCTIONS for the average user to understand. The config file you speak of has to be copied from here in the forums and even still it is hard to sort out.

As an example of the shoddy support being offered this very topics runs back to February and still now in June there are no additional help docs or config files being offered in the actual download. We are not all server gurus and developers with intimate knowledge of all the systems and possible options.

I run a dedicated CentOS server. In the past I ran Shoutcast as Root because that was the only way I could get it to run. Now we are being told not to run as root. It will not run for me. Yes, I chmod the files. yes I created or should I say copied the config from here in this topic, and have it where it should work but still I get DENIED when I try to run the scrip using command line ./sc_serv

I wouldn't blame this on AOL because they have been dead for a decade now but I would expect a bit more from the Shoutcast team when you consider how long they have had to perfect it.

I would love to test it but first I need to understand how to install and run it properly. Anyone got better documentation or a clue as to how some n00bs can get on board with Shoutcast 2?
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