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Ugrading from legacy server

I am trying to install the latest shoutcast DNAS on a Linux VPS server. The documentation provided on how to set up the DNAS is very confusing. I upgrading from 1.9.8. Is there someplace I can get step by step instructions. I feel very overwhelmed with all the documentation provided
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You want to install the ShoutCast Server version 2.5?
That is very easy.

1. Go to: www.shoutcast.com
2. select "Broadcast Now"
3. login or register as a new user
4. in the left top corner click on your name, or got to: https://accounts.shoutcast.com/profile
5. again now on the top right corner click on your name and select "Radio Manager" leads you to https://rmo.shoutcast.com
6. click on the left menu on "Download DNAS" and select the version you need.

6a. copy the file "sc_serv2_linux_x64-latest.tar.gz" to your server in the folder where the software shall be installed. (I used for example a folder "sc_serv_2.5" to have the old version still available)

7. open a command shell
8. "cd" into the same directory
9. type "gzip -d sc_serv*.gz"
10 type "tar -xf sc_serv*.tar"

and voila you have the software alredy installed.

now simple copy your config file into the same folder and start sc_serv with:
./sc_serv configfile

I expect, that the config file itself has not changed so much.
If it is not working you can still switch back to your old installation.

Hope this helped.

Best regards
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Thank You .. sometimes you just need it straight without all the extra
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