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pc woes

I've gone home today for easter so this has meant packing up my pc and taking it back in the car. I get back to find my mouse gone bonkers and now in need of a replacement and my keyboard now feels weird, a lot stiffer than before. Luckily my Dad has a mouse so I can borrow that for tonight.

Then my problems got really bad. I have to switch back to win98 from xp because my graphics program I have to write doesn't like anything above DX7. I have a hard drive split into 2, both using ntfs. I thought I know I'll boot off a floppy delete the first partition then make a new one format it into FAT32. Then I can install win98, install partition magic then convert the other partition to fat32 too. Oh no no no no....

All was going well untill Partition magic said that the other partition was dismounted properly or something (because i had deleted the one it was attached to). So I found proggy that lets win98 read nfts drives, it didn't work. I install xp again. I can now see both partitions. Try to run Partition magic again and it says "compressed files or data too sparse. I remove all compression on any files I have (special xp compression not winzip type), Defrag it (took forever) and tried again.


I might have missed a few files to uncompress but this is really annoying. Plus the fact i'm now on 56k instead of 512k cable .

I'm pissed off and tired. It was only supposed to be an hour job too!

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Must have been a bumpy ride. Try opening up your mouse or keyboard and see if some parts are out of place or something.

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im running my XP on FAT32.......
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