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Originally posted by MerlinTheWizard
So his file extensions were hidden?
Bloody Microsoft leaving that as the default setting. It really makes our lives difficult.

That virus should be picked up by any decent virus scanner - so much for norton and mcafee but I doubt they would be able to actually fix it. If they tried, the average user would probably be left with a load of useless .wma, .mp3 and .jpg files.[/B]
A reformat probably would have been the best option

p.s. obviously you're a star DJ
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Yes, file extensions were still hidden

WinAmpMan must've opened an e-mail attachment called something like Romeo/Juliet.jpg when in reality it was actually called Romeo/Juliet.jpg.exe, but the exe part was hidden because "hide extensions for known file types" was checked in Folder Options . . . b*st*rd Micro$oft for making this the default setting.

Yup, a decent virus scanner might be able to fix it initially by deleting SYSRNJ.EXE, but you're right, you'd still probably have to manually fix the registry yourself . . . and how many average users know how to do that?
Like ya say, after the virus has been killed, reinstalling WinME then reinstalling other essential software should fix the associations, though advanced users would definitely go for the reformat option first.

A combination of RegClean and tweakUI (repair associations) could be another solution, but SystemRestore is only an option if you know the exact date when you were infected, so you can take the system back to a time before . . . however, you'll need to disable System Restore straight after (c/o System Control Panel -> Performance tab -> File System button -> Troubleshooting tab), reboot, then wipe the C:\Restore dir (because there'll still be a backup version of SYSRNJ in there ), then you can re-enable system restore . . . and be sure to never open dodgy e-mail attachments again

RNJFILE = Romeo'N'Juliet! Doh! blehblah

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Yes, I'm a star
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well, you beat me to what I was going to say... but no, this was one of those nasty virii that automatically execute when you OPEN THE EMAIL OR SEE IT IN THE PREVIEW WINDOW!!! (another reason not to use Outlook)
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DJ Egg
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Argghhh . . . even worse!

No protection whatsoever, unless your A-V is up-to-it (doubtful)
Definitely a major reason for not using M$ Outlook/Outlook Express.
Though I'm pretty certain there's a security patch available from M$ to prevent automatic scripting of e-mails. There's a link in that "fix" url I posted.

The beauty of web-based e-mail is that lovely checkbox at the side of each message giving you the option to delete without previewing. No need to worry about spam ever again.

onebox.com is pretty neat
(post your preferred choice here)

The only reason anyone should use Outlook is for composing, not receiving.
You can use a web-based account like onebox.com to receive mail from all your pop3 accounts. Truly marvellous indeed
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