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Album Art & Tagging

Alright so I have a few questions here, I'm kind of new at this tagging thing. I'm using Winamp 5.541 and its really a nice feature that theres the 'Download the Album Art' for the individual songs. But, after I get the album art and I put those songs onto my iPod the album art doesn't transer, right? HOWEVER, there are a very small handfull of songs that I have, that somehow keep that album art permanently (since I must've downloaded them that way and it doesn't seem that they have a seperate jpeg, the album art is somehow embedded in the tag, even when you move the songs from folder to folder.) So I was wondering if there is a way after I get that album art downloaded through winamp to somehow plaster it on there more permanently, like do you have to save it somehow or use a special folder? How come some songs just come with the album art and stay with it?Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Some mp3's have the cover because the album art is embedded in the tag of the mp3. Winamp currently can't do that. I Can't remember if they were working on that functionality or not though. You'll need a separate program like Mp3tag or something if you want to have the art work added to the mp3 directly. Hope that answers your question.

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