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Winamp Plugin: Problem with calling function


i have got a problem with my plugin. It's a little GUI with just some buttons and those stuff.
I want Winamp to do some standard operations by clicking the button. Maybe "Play".

I have got the GUI-program and the DLL but the function does not work.

Winamp Plugin (DLL):

#include <windows.h>
#include "dll.h"
#include "wa_ipc.h"

// these are callback functions/events which will be called by Winamp
int init(void);
void config(void);
void quit(void);
extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)void test(void);

// this structure contains plugin information, version, name...
// GPPHDR_VER is the version of the winampGeneralPurposePlugin (GPP) structure
winampGeneralPurposePlugin plugin = {
GPPHDR_VER, // version of the plugin, defined in "gen_myplugin.h"
PLUGIN_NAME, // name/title of the plugin, defined in "gen_myplugin.h"
init, // function name which will be executed on init event
config, // function name which will be executed on config event
quit, // function name which will be executed on quit event
0, // handle to Winamp main window, loaded by winamp when this dll is loaded
0 // hinstance to this dll, loaded by winamp when this dll is loaded

// event functions follow

int init() {

MessageBox(plugin.hwndParent, "Init event triggered for gen_myplugin. Plugin installed successfully!", "", MB_OK);
return 0;

void config()
MessageBox(plugin.hwndParent, "Config event triggered for gen_myplugin.", "", MB_OK);

void quit()
MessageBox(0, "Quit event triggered for gen_myplugin.", "", MB_OK);

void test()

//MessageBox(plugin.hwndParent, "Hat geholfen", "", MB_OK);

enqueueFileWithMetaStruct eFWMS = {0};
eFWMS.filename="c:\\02 - Subway to Sally - Veitstanz.mp3";
eFWMS.title = "Subway to Sally - Veitstanz";
eFWMS.length = 300;

// This is an export function called by winamp which returns this plugin info.
// We wrap the code in 'extern "C"' to ensure the export isn't mangled if used in a CPP file.
extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) winampGeneralPurposePlugin * winampGetGeneralPurposePlugin() {
return &plugin;


#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
#include <wa_ipc.h>

using namespace std;
typedef void (*funktion1)(void);

int main (int argc, char *argv[])

HINSTANCE hdll = LoadLibrary("c:\\Program Files (x86)\\Winamp\\Plugins\\gen_testplugin.dll");

if (hdll != NULL)
funktion1 test = (funktion1)GetProcAddress(hdll,"test");

if (!test)
// handle the error
cout << "Proc Address Error" << endl;
Sleep (10000);
// call the function
cout << "Erfolgreich" << endl;
Sleep (10000);
cout << "Load Library Error" << endl;
Sleep (10000);


The function test does not work but i dont know why. Can anybode help me?

IDE: wxDev-C++

Thank you very much...
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it's because you're external gui app is loading a new instance of the plug-in dll which doesn't have any of the Winamp related values like 'plugin.hwndParent' and so it will never work.

i guess you have your reasons for doing it as a gui exe and a plug-in but you can do ui stuff in the plug-in. also if you're wanting to trigger an action, you could look for the Winamp instance and then find the hinstance of the plug-in as obtained by GetModuleHandle(..) before then calling the test(..) function. or register a custom message which the plug-in can detect and respond to -this can be done with IPC_REGISTER_WINAMP_IPCMESSAGE and sub-classing the main Winamp window.

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