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Mozilla or Mozilla?!

HELP! My friend who has never used or heard of Mozilla before is here and just saw me opening the browser. He said the name of what he saw, "Mah-zillah". But when he said it, he pronounced it differently, and so I went and corrected him, saying no, you pronouce it "Moe-zillah". But right when I said that I looked at the screen and saw the dinosaur that mozilla uses on their website (kinda their mascot). This reminded me of Godzilla, and I said "God-zillah". I then realized omg. He's right. It is "Mah-zillah", like "God-zilla"

This is too painful! This happened to me with many other words, including "Nullsoft", "beta", "GIF" and others! I can't take it!

I think I am just going to have to live my life always mispronouncing words.
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