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Brand New: Help needed

Hi Guys
This is probably answered already but I need to ask it.
I am a dj and have been for many years however only played live.
I no have an opp to go on internet radio for a weekly show.
I have downloaded and installed winamp and shoutcast but I have no idea from there.
I want to plug in an external mixer to my computer and broadcast but I am honest in saying I am now clueless on what to do and how to set up winamp to play my music
I know I have to log on with shoutcast.
Is there a user in London who can assist
Thanks guys
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winamp has two options to play music, one is to play it from winamp and the other is to play the sound directly from your sound card.

so if you have a mixer, I guess you should know the basics of how to set up your sound card, all you gotta do is set winamp to broadcast from the soundcard and make sure there aren't any other sounds around from other programs

that would be the easy way of course

something harder would be getting a mixing program(I recommend Mixxx, it's freeware and it's great) and Edcast Standalone 3.something . You can then set up Edcast Standalone to stream from your selected device. If it's still not handy enough, if you got a good, i mean GOOD computer, you can get Virtual Cable which enables you pretty much to set everything up as you want (I used it for skype convos over SC and stuff like that)
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if you want to blow your mind, use liquidsoap

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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thanks for your help.
I am still not sure how to use and set up winamp
I know I can get the mixer to the soundcard.
Now what else do I do. Are you in London by any chance??
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assuming you're using Winamp 5.666 build 3516 (and having applied the updates from http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=156839#known2) and that you're using the current version of the Source DSP plug-in (as from http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=324877), then you just need to follow the instructions included with the plug-in's help on where to enter the server details as well as how to set the correct capture mode for the plug-in (as the Source DSP will even tell you what is not correctly entered on the second tab).

but the issue i see is that you've not said how you're going to connect the mixer to the machine as that will determine how you need to setup the Source DSP (and if needed Winamp) to be able to get it transmitting your audio to the server.
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