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Stream for 26 Minute Segments

I'd like to stack, into the Playlist Editor, (1) a URL stream that would play for 26 minutes and then fade (2) followed by an mp3 file (station ID and acknowledgment of donors that plays for 2 minutes) (3) followed by the same URL stream that would also play for 26 minutes and fade again (4) followed by another file (pre-recorded newscast and station ID that plays for 6 minutes) (5) followed by the same URL Stream that again plays and fades, etc. for several hours (The Playlist Editor would be set on "Repeat.")

The result would be an hour's worth of programming with music and a short break, more music and a longer break - followed by another hour's worth and another, etc.

When I want to go live, I come in with a hot mic on a music fade. Then when I go back to "automation," I stick around long enough to sync the music with the clock, manually, to maintain the hour-by-hour balance.

To make this work, I would need a plugin that would not allow a file to play more than 25-plus minutes with a short fade of a few seconds, for a total of 26 minutes. The plug in could allow for different time settings, according to a broadcaster's need.
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