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Stream Stopped Playing on Shoutcast After Address Change

One of my Streams on Shoutcast has stopped playing.

I updated the stream to a new address yesterday and it works on the Radionomy stream and on a few others including our own website, but it will not work on Shoutcast anymore.

I keep getting a pop-up saying "unable to play radio station stream".

I made sure the authhash was correct.


Thanks for your time and consideration,
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Follow up...Now it shows the name of the song being played in the little pop-up at the bottom of the screen but there is still no sound and I am still getting that same error message "unable to play radio station stream"
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I know the problem you are having, as I too suffered when changing stream addresses.

For me it looks as though the new stream address is not updating on shoutcast side as it is still trying to push out the old address.

i have made numerous appeals to Shoutcast for assistance with this but not even so much as an acknowledgement.

In the end I have resorted to adding the station again without the UK bit and it is working, however I have lost most of my listeners because of this

Hope you get a resolution to this where I have failed.

Good luck
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