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Google Play Store problem with SHOUTcast APIs

Android developers publishing app using SHOUTcast APIs could have serious problems.
This happened to us, when uploading a new app and landing with out with our developers account suspended.
Here the full story, if you want to avoid the same problem:
- We made request to SHOUTcast to become API partners, and we got accepted.
- Got our partner APIs ID, developed the app, and all was fine.
- We sent a mail to SHOUTcast customer service, with screenshots of app, just to be sure the use of SHOUTcast copyrights were fully respected.
- Then, while waiting for an answer, just to be able to begin the testing process, we uploaded a beta version in Google store, and this was our big mistake.
Note that app was never published as "production", only a "beta" invisible to everybody except members of beta testing team.
The temporary app name, while waiting for SHOUTcast answer, was "WWTuner SHOUTcast Edition", and this has been enough for Google to close our developers account.
In fact, Google robots finding a copyrighted name, automatically ban the app, and also developers account can be suspended.
This is the situation at the moment, a year of work vanished in a minute...
So, be careful and don't make our mistake!
Question to moderator or somebody else could help us:
"Is there somebody in SHOUTcast that we can contact, just to have a mail telling we are authorized registered API partners, so we can forward it to Google to have our account restored?"
Thanks for your help.
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Ugh, not good. I'm sorry to hear about this.

For now, it's probably best not to use "SHOUTcast" in the name of your app.

We've responded to your email in more detail - including the confirmation that you are an authorized API partner.
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Yes, the big issue with Google is that you used the ServiceMark "SHOUTcast" in the name of your app. We will continue to work with you as a developer to make sure you can benefit from our API and products! But for now, you'll need to pull your app and resubmit with an allowable name. Thanks.
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Thanks to SHOUTcast support, Google accepted my appeal and Google Developer's account is now restored.
Everyone having a developer account suspended should know that only a few percentage of these problems have an happy ending, but thanks to SHOUTcast direct, fast and efficient service everything is o.k.
Thank you very much!
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