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Is NSIS safe? Re: Radionomy lawsuit

I heard there is a lawsuit against Nullsoft parent company Radionomy.

Does this put the further development and support of NSIS in jeopardy, as I depend on NSIS for my programming project?

I just don't want to go down with the ship.
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IANAL but AFAIK the only connection is this forum (and we are on this forum because NSIS started out as the Winamp installer). All code and everything else is on SourceForge. If the forum goes away we will move somewhere else.

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No danger the rights to it could get seized in the lawsuit, the downloads pulled, and attempts at revoking the license, i.e. the rights to NSIS are still on solid ground?
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NSIS was gifted to the community as open source software, as far as I know noone from Nullsoft still works on this project, and almost all code commits come from volunteers.

As to the legal rights, I don't think NSIS is owned by Nullsoft, in fact I don't think it has since the project went open source. Today the Nullsoft part is just tied to the former company that created NSIS, other than that NSIS is a separate entity. kichik or Anders can be more specific, they were around back when it went open source (I started using it in 2005).

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