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Use Winamp!

Hopefully this short story will encourage you all even further to use Winamp as the default player for any media you wish to play back...

So.......My wife owns a dance studio. The way she plays music is through a basic up to date laptop (i3 processor, 4gb ram, 300gb hybrid 54k drive, blutooth, wireless....) mainly using VLC Media Player as her default music player application. She noticed that sometimes during the 9 hours of constant music playing, randomly, a few songs slightly skip. It's never the same song, never the same time of the song. Sometimes during loading, sometimes in the middle etc... This happens a hand full of times during the day so it's hard to monitor, so I told her to use Windows Media Player instead. Songs still randomly skip.... It can't be due to chipset / hard drive bottleneck because the blasted thing is only playing mp3's, not BluRay quality DVD's from the hard drive. The music only skips while playing 'physical' files. It never skips while streaming audio or video with audio. The laptop has a fresh installation of Windows 7 Pro. It used to have Window 8.1 but the skipping was worse so I wiped it. Also, playing the songs through the phone results in 0 skips so the mp3s aren't corrupt.

Customized power schema to performance mode and disable any hibernation, sleeping etc... - nothing
Disabled Bluetooth and wireless - nothing
Disabled screensaver - nothing
Made a firewall rule to deny all network access from VLC Media playing - nothing
Disabled auto update on VLC Media Player - nothing
I disabled all pre-made Windows Scheduler tasks (defragging etc..) - nothing
Disabled Anti-Virus scans - nothing
Disabled all start-up items and leave only the basic Windows Services running - nothing
Disabled Windows Updates - nothing
Updated Bios and all drivers including sound card drives straight from the manufacturer's site - nothing
Used different versions of sound card drivers - nothing
Set custom audio output module to Direct X and WaveOut - nothing
Enabled debugging on VLC media player for an entire day and captured the error. Researched the error applied the fix / fixes mentioned in forums -(nothing)
Tried Different versions of VLC - nothing
Cleaned up and defregged the blasted hard drive - nothing C'MON...........
Installed MintOS (linux) - still skips!
Installed Windows 7 32 bit - still skips!

I refuse to use iTunes. Hate it, can't stand it, won't use it, so that's out of the question.

Last step before I make the laptop a Frisbee I installed the good old Winamp player from the high school / collage days.
Result.........No skipping........CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Really!!?

I think Winamp uses it's own proprietary Output module which is very RELIABLE.


I swear, after all that, I will start a donation to put that player out on the market! It is still THE BEST!

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Glad to see you having a good experience with Winamp. I've edited your thread to put right the Winamp name (it's been years since it's called only Winamp, without upcase in the middle), if you're trying to promote it, do it with the right name .

And in case you don't know, Winamp is under new management (new owners, Radionomy) so it will be having a new version near the end of this year / beginning of next, DrO is working hard on it (there is too much work to do).
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I myself have my personal 4th Anniversary today...

A life without Winamp?... Never!!!...

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