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SpaceTexts inside a function

I've rearranged my installer to slightly deviate from the "standard" model, by putting MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY before MUI_PAGE_COMPONENTS.
The idea is to let the user select a "base" directory for several programs, and the rest of the paths are resolved by the installer itself.
The problem is that when selecting this "base" directory, the user has not chosen the components to install yet, so the "Space required" and "Space available" fields are meaningless yet.
So what I want to do is to hide them at the MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY and then show them again at MUI_PAGE_COMPONENTS.
I saw some threads regarding that, but it seems that none of those options worked for me:
1. using SpaceTexts none removes this text entirely - which is good, but I can't return to
SpaceTexts at a later page because the compiler doesn't allow to use it inside a

2. I tried doing as advised e.g. in

FindWindow $0 "#32770" "" $HWNDPARENT
GetDlgItem $1 $0 1023 ; 1023 = IDC_SPACEREQUIRED
ShowWindow $1 0 ; 0 = SW_HIDE

but that disabled the "available" text in the COMPONENTS page, changing nothing in
the DIRECTORY page.

Can anyone advise me how to handle this case?

Thanks a lot,
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