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Major Dude
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Try the exe on a freshly installed windows, you'll see, it will be working fine, you must have a font problem
I don't have a fresh installation handy, but the scaling issue is (was !) the same on my office PC which is controlled by our IT department so it is VERY unlikely it has any issues with fonts or similar.

Click again on the options button to leave!
Boff ! I'm stupid... That is rather non-standard but your call !

The crash is absolutely reliable, tried on two machines with different Lazarus versions. Also when running the compiled exe standalone.
This only becomes visible with range cheks ON but debugger disabled. When I enable the debugger, it crashes really hard. The task manager even insists that killing Lazarus is not a valid option. I have to restart.

So the only way to get closer to that is by injecting Showmessages at different places. I think the problem is in LabelGoClick here

if not directoryexists(ChoixRepertoire2) then CreateDir(ChoixRepertoire2);
showmessage (inttostr(Length(ChoixRepertoire2)));
if ChoixRepertoire2[Length(ChoixRepertoire2)] <> '\' then ChoixRepertoire2 := ChoixRepertoire2 + '\';

Showmessage tells me that the length (choixrepertoire2) is zero. BTW I had not selected an input folder, just clicked go.

I can't see a mistake here, but...

showmessage (inttostr(ptrint(ChoixRepertoire2)));

also prints zero. Looks like the string is not allocated. Check how Lazarus handles ansistrings, maybe they need to be created first...

Aha !
showmessage (ChoixRepertoire2[0]);

causes a compilation error : "Element zero of an ansi/wide - or longstring cannot be accessed."

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