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How do I do this?

Hey, this is my first time posting here, I hope I'm not too late, since it seems the world is ending (Winamp seems to be becoming a streaming service; I don't need a streaming service, I need a player and organizer and visualizer, thank you.)

If I'm too late, just let me know, I'll delete this and go my way, but this is about Winamp 5.8, so it's not the latest beta.

Also, as a side note, in case this gets flagged on the certain eyepatch catcher system, yes, I am using a stripper with Winamp, but I'm using it as an archiving tool, not to hand out illegal copies. I'm not going into my life story, but after a crap ton of abuse and the world biting again and again, I've learned a few things, and one of them is that music, one of my choice drugs because of my autism to destress with, can be destroyed forever in a second, never to be heard again, so yes, I use an automated Youtube stripper to check all of the channels I deem necessary to archive once every 12 hours, and it saves it all to the cloud so I can listen on my phone, and to Winamp on my desktop hard drive. I don't sell illegal copies, I don't hand out illegal copies, I am just archiving because stuff gets deleted all the time, and I don't want any of my stuff destroyed again.

My issue right now that I need tech support with is this: I'm trying to make several master playlists of all the music in the archive, which is mostly ambient music, and I can't figure out how to open the Local Library window and ONE of the playlist windows at the same time.

Let me be clear because I know a similar question has been asked before: I am NOT asking to put two playlists side by side. I am asking to put Local Library and ONE of the Playlists side by side.

I know I have done this before because when I passed out from exhaustion on my keyboard and mouse once, there were multiple windows opened including another library window, I just closed it like a dummy and never have been able to do it again.

To clarify before I wrap this up, I don't mean the playlist window on the sidebar on Modern; that would be easy. No, I need a main window with the playlist and a main window with the Local Library. I need this because my archive list is some 17000 items long (looking at the total, it's actually 16471 items with a total of 101 days and 1 hour and 52 minutes and 54 seconds of playback time. Yes, I have more than a few terabytes of storage, this takes up about 670 GBs) and each time I switch between the Local Library view and the Playlist view, it resets my position in the list, which is annoying to say the least. I have the tenacity to complete the 3 playlists, welcome to Autism and ADHD combined, but not if I constantly have to refind my place amongst 16471 items and counting (remember, the stripper pulls down videos once every 12 hours, and it works REALLY fast because I paid for the extra speed, and it has some 15 daily-uploading channels to check, so I get at least 8 new items every 12 hours.)

So if someone could help me figure out how to get this window split, it would be especially helpful. Thanks!
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Hi, Prism.

I've used wAmp for 24 years, but am quite new to the Med Lib and the more advanced playlist functionality. So my answer is -- perhaps -- only a work-around, not an (elegant) solution. But, maybe it'll suit you, if there's nothing better?

Since a few years, I work with multiple copies of wAmp, for various purposes. (wAmp is largely "portable", still.) I just work with "the" regular playlist in each. If I have my Med Lib open in one Amp, I can right-click and "open containing folder" for the desired file (or whole album); and from the thus opened explorer window, drag and drop items in the playlist of another Amp. So, that would solve your problem (the playlist position being lost) as I see it. But it doesn't answer your actual question. I hope somebody else can answer it?

The plus side of my solution is: you can enjoy more than one skin!

You could build a Med Lib in each copy, but I feel I don't need to.

Anyway. You can import, or just copy, or drag and drop, the playlist made with Amp2, back into Amp1. I extensively use a file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer) to manage playlists and backups, from the Application Data folder(s).

I can imagine that all this could feel clumsy to people who are used to different, and more direct, playlist management; but since I work so much with multiple explorer windows, it's fine for me.

Which reminds me -- if you'd need/want to use my solution, you'd either have to use an older wAmp version (which doesn't use AppData) as second instance; or you'd have to jury-rig it to not use the same AppData folder. There are several ways to do this. (Short answer: delete or rename "paths.ini" in the prog folder; or edit it.) I can help you, if need be (let me know), but you might prefer to wait for a better answer from the community, first?


Is there anyone who can answer Prism's actual, original question?
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If you switch to Modern skin the Winamp will open the playlist editor in a separate window. You should be able to arrange this side-by-side with the ML.

Sorry if I didn't understand the question.
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