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Can Winamp be used in a corporate environment?

Hello folks,
I've tried to find this info, to no avail. Is there an official statement that winamp can or cannot be used inside a company? We have about 1000 users currently using winamp for mp3 listening and someone suggested it is illegal to use it in a corporate environment. Is this true and should we replace it with something open source, or can we continue using it without an issue? I'm looking for a connoisseur' s opinon, backed by an official link, not personal opinions, we have those already
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There is a licence agreement included in the installer. So, I would start by reading that. I am not a lawyer but was under the impression that it is usually more of a question of whether it is being used for personal or commercial use, rather than the environment it is being used in. I would be extremely surprised if there is any issue with this whatsoever. Considering it is free software, without a paid option being available, I imagine the current owners are simply after as many users as possible of any kind. What benefit could there possibly be for anyone in disallowing this?
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P.S. A couple of older discussions on this:
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yes you can use it in a company. Winamp is freeware. NASA has sent laptops to the ISS with winamp installed.
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