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What Ever Happened To Christmas?


Another year has come gone. The frantic shopping frenzy and stampedes for the best bargains in the stores are over. We all, however, must do what we can to keep: "The True Spirit of Chirstmas" alive in our hearts and minds every day instead of once again decorated their homes, gardens, decks, and porches displaying the wonders of the Holiday Season and the Radio Stations have aired all the traditional holidays songs we have allheard over and over again, most of which are about stories and imaginary characters that have nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas at all. The song I dislike the most is the one about Gran Ma getting runover by a you know what. Ridiculous! There's nothing wrong with these traditions, however, when the "'Manager Scene" is left out of the mix, everything else, in my opinion becomes null, void, and just plain meaningless! A total waste of time and effort! You can bet, however, santas and his reindeer are displayed all over place along with the other imaginary characters, novelties, and light shows: Frosty-Rudolph-Micky Mouse-The Grinch--The Ginger Bread Man-Little Toy Trains-Candy Canes- and all the other useless distractions society has imposed on us which we've allowed to replace who really matters at Christmas. The Spirit of Christmas is Jesus not Santa or anyone or anything else. Period! Sadly, over the years, society has subtly reversed the order. Shame on us! What do any of these fictitious characters and things have to do with the true meaning of Christmas anyway? My answer: NOTHING WHATSOEVER! An overweight bearded man wearing a red suit has replaced: "The Baby Jesus". We've all been duped, especially our children, into thinking that he actually comes down a chimney to bring them gifts. Come on now people! Just like we allowed a silly bunny rabbit to replace: Easter! How pathetic is that? Take your own poll: Who do Children relate to on Christmas and Easter? Santa and a Bunny Rabbit or Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ and His Ascension? You know the answer without taking a poll. Isn't time we believers start speaking out and educating the masses about what and who Christmas is only about? The song I'm sending you is entitled: "Great Love"; it reminds us of exactly that! It is my hope and prayer that you will take the time to listen; pay special attention to the lyrics; and afterwards, join me in passing-on the truth about Christmas and discard everything else...share the message with family, friends and anyone else you can reach. It's our duty as believers! It's high time we get back to celebrating: The Birth of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ; not only on December 25th, but throughout the year! Thank you and God Bless!

Milton Lopez Delgado
(570) 848-1682


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