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Detect Silence / Trigger Event

I have a crazy request here and I am just hoping anyone reading can do this. It does not seem like it would be that tough to make happen for someone who knows what they are doing - sadly I don't, I'm not a coder, developer, etc. I just have an idea and need to know how to do it, or whether a plugin that will do it already exists, or if someone would want to create a plugin that does it. Failing all that maybe someone could suggest an "outside" way to get it done (ie: some script or app independent of Winamp that could run alongside to accomplish same goal?)


I need some way to have the sound coming through Winamp be monitored in realtime and have any period of silence longer than X seconds detected, where if such a period is detected, an outside event (in my case launching a batch file) will be triggered. Seems simple. Is it?

Not knowing anything about Winamp's inner workings, it seems to me that, since Winamp obviously has already the ability of realtime sound monitoring (ie: the analyzer/scope/visualization functionality) there should be some way to have an add-on (plugin?) that could detect some defined length of time that no sound is coming out, and trigger the launching of my batch file upon said event.

If that would be harder than it sounds, maybe an external app (some script or exe realtime sound card monitor / silence detector running separately) would be easier?

For the curious, here is my entire goal: to 100% automate the restart of dumped live audio streaming. As it is right now, in about half the cases a live stream gets dumped, Winamp's "repeat" feature will turn around and reconnect the stream automatically. The rest of the time, however, the stream does not actually dump, it just dies but remains connected, in which case Winamp does nothing to reconnect, and I just get silence until I manually push "play" again. I wish to find a way to detect X seconds of silence so that in that event a batch file can be launched to send the hotkeys at Winamp to "play" thus restarting the stream with no user intervention.

Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions? Please!
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