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"Always On Top" sort of broken

This has been happening to me for a couple months now. I just upgraded my player last night to 5.24 hoping it would fix the problem, but it's still messed up. I forgot to check my version before updating... so I'm not sure what it was before.

Anyway here's the problem:

I always have my winamp set up in small mode (thin horizontal button display) docked at the top of my screen. It always has a thin playlist bar attached to the bottom also just to display the current song/movie title. It's also set to always on top.

What happens is that sometimes one of the windows in winamp (playlist/main buttons) will hide itself behind all my other open programs... even though it's set to always on top.

Right now, my playlist is visible, but my main control bar is hidden behind firefox. I have to minimize all my open programs to see it.. which gets pretty annoying sometimes.

It also happens a lot with my video window. Right now, if I opened a video, the main button window and the video window would both still be hidden behind everything, but the playlist window would still keep focus on top of all my programs.

Clicking on one of the visible windows doesn't set focus to the hidden ones either.

I'm not sure what the problem is. If you want me to make a video of this happening, let me know. It's extremely irritating.

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same here

I had that problem for years, on different computers and different versions of windows, so it's defenately a winamp problem. Or actually it maybe windows fault, cuz I have other programs that I like to stay on top, that has the same problem too.

They will often stop staying on top, and then you have to turn off "stay on top" and turn it back on, to make it stay on top again.

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