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visual plug-in crashed my WinXP computer

I got one for you. I was scouting around to find new visual plug-ins and I download R2 vis. It had a good review and figured what the hell right? Wrong. I installed the plug-in and went to select in the visual plug-in menu, then I clicked start. Well I am writing this two days later for a good reason. Windows locked down. Couldn't ctrl+alt+delete or anything. I reset my machine. Then the nastiest blue sreen of death I have ever seen came up on the screen. I told me some really screwed up news there is a problem with windows and you can't use it because it is unsafe for the system right now. It informed me to try to use safe mode, I tryed and ever other option availble.(Restart with last working config., normal, all of them man.) It even asked me to try and disable memory cache in the bios. My room mate and my self are both computer networking students and neither of us could get it to work. So I had to scrape the whole harddrive and reistall ever thing. After all that I am a little nervous about using winamp again but I want to. I would have sent the error message but I never got one. Do you think it safe.
Thank You
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I find it really strange that you're asking whether Winamp is safe to use, when you say it was the 3rd party vis plugin that crashed it. Obviously, if Winamp worked nicely before you installed that plugin, then the 3rd party plugin should be blamed for it, not Winamp.

As long as you don't ever use that vis plugin again, I doubt you'll run into problems.
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Please read the sticky threads before posting in the bugs forum.


Common 'bugs' (please read BEFORE posting on this forum)


How to write a useful bug report

Both of these state that bugs caused by 3rd-party plugins (ie. not made by Nullsoft) are NOT classed as Winamp bugs and should be reported to the author of the plugin, not here!

I've personally never even heard of this plugin before.
Did you read the accompanying documentation?
Did it say that the plugin was WinXP compatible?
Did your system meet the minimum system requirements?
What are your full sys specs?
Have you got the latest & correct XP drivers for soundcard & videocard?
What is your version of Winamp?
Is the latest version of DirectX properly installed?
Have you run a virus scan (with the latest definitions)?
Did you run ScanDisk (or XP equivalent, eg. check your HD for errors)?

Provide all this info and submit it in a report to the author of the plugin.
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