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check the videos!
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Heheh, those are pretty fucking cool! Projecting a microscope view with what ever liquids you used is kinda cool idea, i have never seen such thing before! That would be cool in avs only if it would be possible to view it with a decent framerate in atleast 800x600... I guess we will have to wait for that day a loong time

Texer Resources

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Probably both...
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Not like rabbit hole because I want more obvious and faster turns, thats what I meant with that tubular deformation thing. Damn I cant find a way to tell you what I mean.

If you had a curve in the midlle of the tunnel made out of circles,
all the circles would be perpendicular to the curve in the middle.

Monkey? havent seen that one.

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My Dream Avs is a tunnel with spaceship
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