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How to get source code of AVS 2.81 D ?

DrO did the last version of AVS (D) how I could get the source code, if someone could contact him for us ?
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very very minimal changes since this release.(just changes to work with profiles under windows xp and vista instead of saving all preferences to winamp/plugins/ as far as I know)
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Nullsof still hosts 2.81b

2.81d is 2.81b, but with these updated files. (save to the same location, answer with 'replace' when asked)

(from this thread.)

I'll make a nice zipfile and host it to my own server since Nullsoft still haven't updated the sourcecode on their server and DrO's download location seems to be temporary.

/edit: this should be it. Please post your findings here

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someone wants to mess with the source code, eh?


i haven't meddled with this in a while... not since my naive fixing of the dm ugly edge which backfired horribly (introduced an even uglier side effect [!])

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