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m3u repair / rebuild / conversion tool - alpha

I have been working on a program which converts and repairs m3u playlists. The program is very simple, yet is extremely powerful and useful to me, and I am assuming it would be of great use to others as well!

Example of use:

Playlist Before Fixing

Program Running

Playlist After

(note: the three files not fixed are NOT in my music collection)

Main principals:
2 files are loaded into the program; one is the playlist to be converted / fixed, the other is a playlist to be used as a reference database. The repaired playlist will be built from files contained in this reference.

The M3U file is analyzed by song using the path, possible outcomes are as follows:
1. The file path is already in the database, and is left alone.
2. The file path is not in the database, but the exact filename was found, the path is changed to this correct path
3. The file path is not in the database, and neither is a path containing the exact filename, an “artist – song” string is searched for in the database, and substituted if found.
4. The song was not found.

Rebuilding playlists after moving files, this is probably what most people would be interested in.
Converting a playlist based off of one set of files (a collection) to a different set.
Rescuing long forgotten playlists off of removable devices.
Quickly rebuilding a playlist from a set of newly acquired files (example: you receive a large playlist from a friend, along with a folder containing the exported files contained in the playlist, the playlist can easily be rebuilt regardless of where you want to store the files locally.)
Extracting playlists from programs such as Yahoo Jukebox, and rebuilding them with your own music collection.
Extracting playlist from websites, forums, etc. Any list of songs/artists can in theory be converted into a playlist.

Playlists can be independent of collections; you can easily share playlists with friends.
Massive changes to file storage strategies / formats can be made to a collection without destroying all past playlists.

Other Thoughts:
I made the program in visual basic 2005.
I am NOT a programmer, I am actually in electrical engineering, and made this to simply fill a void in what was available.

Please let me know if there is any interest in this project, and I will release it. I am also looking for any feedback or ideas I can get. I am willing to release the source code to anyone who would have purpose for it.

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sounds interesting
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I am surprised that no one picked up on this.
it sounds awesome.
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Please release it, you'll save my life by doing that! This looks like exactly what i need for my 30-40 broken playlists
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search for listfix as i doubt you're going to get any other reply on an almost 7 year old thread.
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I've used listFix() a number of times and have found it to work very well.
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