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Newbie Broadcaster Question(s)

Looking to set up my own co-hosted online radio "show"/podcast and am wondering if Shoutcast is actually suitable for my needs.

I'm pretty sure I *don't* want to do a live show, but simply a pre-recorded show with another online co-host (+ possible invited online guests), ultimately available as an MP3 podcast via RSS and iTunes etc.
And probably will make it available as a pre-recorded radio show on Shoutcast as well just for greater audience reach/choice.
The podcasting/RSS/iTunes thing I know already and can do, but this new show will have multiple hosts and that complicates it a bit from a recording logistics point of view given the co-hosts are on the other side of the world.

I'd also like the best audio quality possible as well.

Is Shoutcast suitable/the best choice for staging/recording such a non-live show?
Basically I want to be simply able to talk to my co-host in a private loop (+invite guests) and have the full mixed session recorded into MP3 I can then post-edit and make available as the downloadable podcast etc.

I already have my own shared server (no static IP) and almost certainly the bandwidth available.

Any comments/help appreciated.
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No, shoutacst is not a good choice to record a live show.

Someone will have to record the sound feed from one of their computers assuming you all can hear each other in real time. Something like Soundforge should be able to get this done for you. I'm not too sure about free software alternatives such as audacity....
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This really gives me a good idea.

Make a php ?echo <sc2.conf> that allows me to stop source dump and point the server at it, and swap live for on demand, all in one function. Wrap the script into an interface, and BLAMO! No need for a shell in. Then again, I would have to reload config.....I'll figure out something.

Someone should have dont that along time ago..... Now added to the extra long, backed up, to-do-list that never ends.

Not that I would ever use it...Just be one of those "can I actually do it?" things on the backburner.

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