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Oprah says it's a shame - Trayvon Martin

it's a tragedy, it's a shame and justice has to be served.


It goes like this. Zimmerman was following Martin through the neighborhood and claims he lost the kid. Zimmerman heads back to his car. The kid jumped him "Have you got some kind of problem?". Starts beating on Zimmerman (and this is confirmed by the only witness), tries grabbing Zimmermans gun. Zimmerman shoots him.

In the country I want to live in, people don't get convicted of a crime unless they are proven guilty, despite trial by MSNBC, CNN, Oprah, Obama, Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al.

Is Zimmerman guilty? The DA said no. The police chief said no. The police chief resigned because he would not recant that position. He's afraid of getting sued for arresting Zimmerman. He's probably afraid of getting shot too.

Zimmerman called the cops and said Martin looked like he was "up to no good" and "on drugs". Considering Martin was suspended from school for drugs..why he was in his dad's house in the gated community..

Wow, I wonder if he looked like he was up to no good and on drugs?

This has nothing to do with race or the Florida law gun grabbers hate. This would be legal in any state. If someone attacks you and you have fear for your safety, you may respond with lethal force.

The lesson here is:

Don't jump people. They might have a gun.

We could hope "Obama's son" would have gotten this basic information.

I think Oprah already did her "investigation". Trying to figure out how to get Zimmerman railroaded will sell a lot of soap.

My grandpa told me once.... Only a man that carries a gun ever needs one....

This story is a good example of that adage, but there is another side to it. People do have the right to defend themselves. You hope it doesn't go to these extremes, but without that right, we are all just sitting ducks.

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Zimmerman has been arrested for manslaughter. In this political climate, I knew this was gonna happen, guilty or not.

It took 47 days to fabricate enough evidence to make a case, but they got there. Give politically motivated people enough time and they can prove anyone did anything.

I'm sure busting Zimmerman, guilty or not, is a priority at the highest levels. If we could only get this aggressive about black people killing each other, which happens about 10 times more often.

The story that the half white/half hispanic guy was let off the hook by police because of race is just bullshit.

Cops are racist....... if you aren't blue........

In keeping with racial guidelines, cops are now equally shitty to everyone, regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. No one should feel singled out.
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Oprah says a lot of shit. She needs to shut her fat ass.

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