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I found health care, not insurance (primary, not catastrophic), for around $600 a year and $10 a visit here in the Bay Area. An innovative Dr set up his own network of offices and fellow doc provided direct health care to people without the health insurance companies involved.

I still have to pay for catastrophic insurance (in case of a bus hitting me), but i do so with very high deductibles to keep the premiums as low as possible.

For check ups and prescription, I'm now paying a fraction of what i used to with Kaiser ($1400 a month for me the wife and boyo and still doing fucking co-pay for meds and check ups). Just saw my doc yesterday for 45 minutes for $10 and got scripts for two prescription ($6.50 for a 2 months supply of what was $30 for one month through Kaiser).

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That's a comparatively good deal, but I think it more or less creates a discount on the $150 a pop you'd usually pay. They got $600 of your money from the get go. Whether that is enough coverage to meet the new insurance mandate and not get fined? Questionable.

I've had catastrophic insurance plans before. Fine if I get hit by a truck and run over by a road grader... but a $5000 deductible, so that's what you pay for one night in the hospital.

In practice, it's insurance that you never get anything out of. It is cheap.

You gotta watch where you buy drugs too. $8 at Walmart is $32 at Walgreens.
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