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How Can I Tell If 2 Connections To My Stream Are Streaming Ripper Or Rebroadcasting??

How can I tell if 2 connections to my stream are stream rippers or rebroadcasters??
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there's no practical way to determine how a stream connection is being used -- it's up to you to decide if a connection is a real listener (who may give feedback, by visiting your website, etc), or a bot, just dumping or otherwise consuming bandwidth 24hrs/day.

watch the logs, patterns emerge, you'll see some very familiar ip's exibiting similar behavior with similar user-agents.. then start banning ip's.

nothing will really make them go away, they're quite persistent, just get in the habit of slowing down the biggest hoarders.

think about this, if you ban a "real" listener who wants to listen (and does so for long periods), they would likely contact you.

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