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All listeners disconnected

Sorry - have read the FAqs etc, but can't see anything to help.

We are running a Shoutcast server with 2,000 connection limit. On a regular basis (at least daily, sometimes more often) we see a surge of connections on the stats (perhaps 40 - 50 in a single minute) and then all listeners are disconnected. This does not necessarily appear to be associated with the total number of users (sometimes it's at 100 - 150, sometimes 200 plus), more the number of connections in a relatively short time.

We're at a loss to see where to look to investigate this.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please?
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Which version of the DNAS are you running. They way you're describing it, it almost kind of sounds like a rival radio station that is exploiting some kind of connection flaw in the DNAS but I dunno. Is why I am asking which version of the DNAS you're running.

What would be the most helpful in understanding your situation is to attach your full DNAS log (or atleast the portion of it that shows the activity during the incidents) to your next post.
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Was wondering about this one from seeing it earlier, definitely what has been asked to be provided would make things easier to attempt to work out what is going on.

Though not being 100% on my v1 DNAS behaviour (as that's more likely to be what's in use), doesn't that drop clients if there's an issue with touches? Just wondering since if there is a sudden surge of connections, the touch update might be blocked from responding in time which could then cause the kick to happen. Probably unlikely but is the first thing which comes to mind from recent YP touch failures i saw due to connection limits / heavy loads.

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