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Volume leveling

Sorry is some one has already requested this but I would like to see a feature added to WinAmp that allows you to set a db level or something that Winamp will not go over. Where the volume is always controlled at the level of loudness you set no matter what song comes up in the play list.

Songs in my play list have varying volumes because of the way their original CDs were recorded or the application used to RIP them, as well as free MP3s I have downloaded off the Internet.

It's annoying to have to sit on top of the volume control at work to keep the next track that's a bit louder from waking up the whole department.
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You can 'normalize' (ie set to the same average volume level) all mp3's with for instance MP3Gain:
With MP3Gain you won't loose quality: only the volume level will be altered.

Also, you can use a DSP plugin: this will normalize on the fly.
For instance SqrSoft Limiter:
Though that plugin will also normalize volume changes inside an mp3: so louder parts of songs will be played more softly, and soft parts more loudly.

Good Winamp plugins by Joonas, DrO and shaneh.
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Thanks man, The SqrSoft Limiter sounds perfect for the workplace I will try the sourceforge one at home. I should have known to look there.

Anyway I hope someday WinAmp will include it as part of the software.
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You can also use enhancer plugin that will do the same with many additional setting to restore muffled sound mp3 to become clear. from dhing to ching.
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@ sucahyo

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