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Importing Sampling Rate

So, i've been using winamp for a long time now and love it by the way. I've just recently come across a dilemma of sorts. Nothing real major, just curious about something. I've been importing some music from from CD's and had a question about actual importing quality. I've got files imported from Itunes and Winamp both. They are both usually no lower than 192 kbps when i do them. Another thing to consider, is that i've got klipsch 5.1 ultras and so i can tell quality difference pretty well in an mp3 file. However, i just did a cd in winamp at the highest settings at 320 kbps, and highest settings in itunes at 320 kbps. Now, i pulled out the ol headphones to try to distinguish the difference in quality in the two programs conversions and found minimal difference really if any. The Winamp one i found had a SLIGHT amount more depth to the songs. Now, i wonder though, are the winamp ones really better quality? i wonder this because itunes is able to use a 48,000 sampling rate to import with, whereas i saw no option to change the sampling rate anywhere in winamp, which worries me. I'm sure it is at least the cd quality level of 41 or whatever it was, but when i'm importing on an X-FI soundcard that can do super high quality, i want to use it to ensure i'm not losing quality when i import to mp3. So, what sampling rate is winamp using when i use the "insane" preset at 320 kbps to import my cd's to mp3?
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one other thing i just thought to ask, what settings are recommend to obtain the least amount of quality loss when importing to MP3? File size is no object and i want as high of quality as i can get, got to make sure the klipsch speakers are getting used properly.
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1) Winamp's MP3 encoder is better than the one iTunes uses. AFAIK, Winamp uses LAME, generally considered the best, whereas iTunes uses the "official" one.
2) Even with super-duper speakers, you shouldn't notice any real difference between 48KHz and 44.1KHz. Something to do with limitations of the human ear.
3) The highest possible quality you can get is 320kbps CBR, but if you're going that high, you might as well use a lossless format, which, unlike MP3 at any bitrate, has no differences from the source file. FLAC is the most popular format for this (and Winamp can natively encode in it).
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