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Wave file support

I did not search through all topics coz I do not have time for this but... for the sake of God, why .wav files are not in the list of files supported by Winamp? Why I do not see my wave files in "Open File" dialog? Furthermore, Winamp 5.3 does not play wave files with MP3 compression!

To me Winamp used to be the best player when it was 2.93, but Winamp 5 is not that good.
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Reviewed buglists and found this issue along with workarounds. Such importand thing should work by default, isn't it?
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Thank you for eventually reading the Known Bugs/Issues sticky thread.

Here's a bit of background information for you.

In 2004, virtually all of the original/old Winamp development (Justin, Christophe, Francis, Peter, etc etc) had all left. Winamp was put on ice for a while. There were a few security-fix releases between v5.04 and 5.08, but no major development or any new features until v5.09 when a virtually entirely new development team took over.

Many feature requests and long time bugs started to be implemented and fixed.

Some of these issues were lack of multi-user profile support and unicode support, and the fact that the current in_wave played back 32bit-float wav files with distortion.

The old in_wave was originally coded by Peter Pawlowski (who left 5 years ago to code his own player, foobar2000).

Somewhere inbetween, the source code for the old in_wave was lost.

This meant that an entirely new in_wave needed to be built if those aforementioned new features and bugs were to be implemented and fixed.

This is kind of explained in the Known Bugs sticky.

So, you now have a choice of using the new in_wave, with multi-user profile and unicode support, which also supports new Winamp features like 24bit output and transcoding - or, you can use the old in_wave, which has none of the new features or bug fixes.

The old in_wave supports mp3-layered riff wav's, the new one doesn't,
mainly because the new one uses libsndfile library instead of ACM,
and libsndfile doesn't support mp3 due to licensing/patent issues.

Or you can just switch to using DirectSound Output for WAV playback instead,
which supports mp3-layered riff WAV's and all the other new features except for 24bit output and transcoding.

Sure, we know the situation isn't ideal, but although we know it needs addressing, it's not at the top of the priority list at the moment (especially since the dev team is very small).

Besides all that, you should just rename those .wav files with the .mp3 extension instead, and let in_mp3 deal with them instead of in_wave/in_dshow. You'll then be able to tag them as well (basically, those files ARE actually mp3 files, but with a riff-wav header/extension). This is another reason why we don't class this issue as important or top-priority.

Re: WAV files not showing under All Supported Filetypes in the Open File Dialog:
This is a Windows limiation, not a Winamp bug.
The known workaround / fix can be found here:
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