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Not sure if bug, about Media Library's "Now Playing Section" translations


I just recently noticed that the media library had received some localization and I was happy until I noticed that it had some mistakes which seems like the translations were taken straight from the dictionary.

There isn't much text but here are the mistakes and actual translations (translated back to english):
"Rip music at full speed"
WAS "Repeämämusiikki täyttä vauhtia" == "Ripmusic full speed"(rip as in some fabric or something has been ripped apart)
SHOULD BE "Pura musiikkia täydellä nopeudella"

"Encode music to aacPlus, AAC, WMA or MP3"
WAS "Koodatkaa musiikki aacPlus, AAC, WMA tai MP3" == "Encode music aacPlus, AAC, WMA or MP3"
SHOULD BE "Koodaa musiikki aacPlus, AAC, WMA tai MP3-muotoon"

(My personal favorite)
"Burn CD's up to 48x"
WAS "Palovamma-CD-sek ylös 48x:een" == .. this makes no sense, "palovamma" is a burn you get when you touch something hot, "sek" is either a short for second or swedish monetary unit. The reason why they're connected with lines is beyond my comprehension.
SHOULD BE "Polta CD:tä jopa 48x nopeudella"

Then as we're moving down there's "Winamp skins", "Winamp-kuoret" is correct, but "More skins" doesn't translate to "Enemmän kuoret" (well.. straight translation would, but..) it SHOULD BE "Lisää kuoria"

Same with extensions "Winamp-laajennukset" correct, but "Enemmän laajennukset" ("More extensions") SHOULD BE "Lisää laajennuksia"

Then finally the cherry on the top. "Free MP3 downloads" is certainly NOT translated as "Vapauttakaa MP3:n imuroinnit" which translates "Set MP3 downloads free" or something which sounds bit like promoting the liberation of MP3 downloading globally. SHOULD BE "Lataa MP3-musiikkia ilmaiseksi"

Thank you.
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Thanks for the report. We'll hopefully get that fixed serverside.

Just for the record, can you please confirm what language that is?

My guess would be Finnish, yes?

[Edit] Yup, fi.php it is
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