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in my new system i am using win xp beta2, 2.5gigs of ddr memory,two(thats right, two. win xp can use a cache of up to three 2 ghz processors) 1.2 ghz amd duron overclocked to 1.52 ghz, five 20 gig and one 80 gig ultra wide scsi hds and a gforce3 (fresh off the press) and a t3 modem.(i need seventeen 2 inch 8200 rpm motors to keep it cool) this is just so cool, but im having compatability issues between winamp and xp, but winamp works so im happy. the computer is just so frickin' fast. i cant belive it. i was playing mech warrior 4, and the graphics look real, on the dvd player, the image is the best i have ever seen.

the fastest computer ever!!
take that, powermac g4 cube!!
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