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Bug Enqueueing folders into winamp

I believe this bug has been in every version of winamp that has been released... and I know for sure it is in this latest one (5.08d). I'm using windows xp. when I select multiple folders with audio files inside of each of them, right click and select enqueue, it does add the files into my playlist... but it also brings up a windows dialog to copy or move the folders. It obviously shouldnt be doing this... I've ignored this for a LONG time, but I figured I should post it here in hopes that it will be fixed.
thanks for your time.

edit: to clarify, it actually opens a copy/move dialog for EACH of the folders I selected to enqueue into winamp. Verry annoying. LOL
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I'm sorry, but absolutely no-one here can reproduce your problem.

Provide more information about your system, and maybe a screenshot of this Copy/Move Windows Dialog.

Please also confirm that this was a clean install of Winamp 5.08d with NO 3rd-party plugins.
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I have another problem. My Winamp is the latest 5.33 (x86) version. When I enqueue multiple large folders into playlist, they open a copy of Winamp for each big folder thta has many subfolders with mp3's. It started when I installed 5.33 over previous version.

The optin "Allow multiple instances" is disabled, so why is that happening?

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Replied in other thread.

Please stop crossposting & reviving old threads.
You only need to post the issue once, in one thread.
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