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Format Converter / enc_WMA

When transcoding files from .ogg to .wma the album field is left blank on the newly encoded .wma file.

Not a huge problem I know, but I have to transcode my .ogg files so that I can put them on my iRiver H10 (MTP), and whenever I run a database refresh on my H10 it sees that the album field is empty and uses the artist field as the album title resulting in me having to put all 5GB of my music on there again.

I haven't tested any other formats, and I can't tell whether it's the format converter or the enc_WMA plug-in as I've uninstalled the rip 'n' burn plug-in.


Ignore this post.

Having investigated further it seems that this is related to a known issue in 5.33 where the album tag is lost when using the "Edit selected items." option is used.

P.S. When there is a post saying "Read me first", READ IT. They prevent idiots like me making posts like this.
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Yup, it was a bug in in_vorbis, and is fixed for 5.34 :-)
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