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How To Disable Winamp 5.8 Fast "Pop-Up" Notifications For Buttons

First, I'd like to say that it's awesome to have a new Winamp version! That whole "5.666" number just didn't look too good. Hah. You know?

So what I mean by the title of my post is that I noticed this new feature when I put the mouse over the main Winamp player's buttons, a small pop-up shows up of what that button does. That pop-up shows up too fast; it shows the pop-up in about a half second. So when I'm seeking, while using the mouse, I see the word "Seeker" pop-up many different times. (Refer to the image) It kinda looks weird after all these years of when that never used to happen. (I've been using the previous version of Winamp for the longest time ever.)

So my question is: Where can I find the setting that can extend the time until that notification pops-up?

This pop-up shows up in half a second once I put my mouse on other buttons too, such as: Previous Track, Play, etc...

I want this pop-up to show, let's say, after 2 seconds when I put my mouse on any button & the Seeker.

I really appreciate all the help, and I appreciate the new version as well =)
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I noticed that no one has replied to this post, yet with many views. Oh no! That means there probably isn't a solution to this.

To the developers: Is it possible to remove that "Seeker" tooltip for the next version of Winamp please? I think it's a little unnecessary to have a tooltip show up for that seeker button =)
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Hi pepanee,

Winamp tooltips (and that one in particular) are not a new feature. Maybe your's were disabled a long time ago in the versions you were using and you have forgotten.

Three timing options associated with tooltips are controlled by the Windows OS and are related to your mouse double-click time setting. While it is possible for an app to override these global OS settings, I know of no app that does (or provides a user the option to do so).

The "TTDT_INITIAL" parameter (time a pointer must remain stationary within a tooltip's bounding rectangle before the tooltip window appears) is equal to the "GetDoubleClickTime()". The typical (default) double-click time is 500 ms (half a second).

The "TTDT_AUTOPOP" parameter (time a tooltip window remains visible if the pointer is stationary within a tooltip's bounding rectangle) is equal to the "GetDoubleClickTime()" * 10.

The "TTDT_RESHOW" parameter (time it takes for subsequent tooltip windows to appear as the pointer moves from one tooltip bounding rectangle to another) is equal to the "GetDoubleClickTime()" / 5.

So, you can use your Windows mouse control settings utility to change your mouse's double-click time to increase the time before a tooltip window appears. You can also use the Windows registry editor to search for and change the control panel mouse "DoubleClickSpeed" value. The value appears in more than 1 place depending on the version of Windows being used. This will then affect everything you double-click on (slow down the response) in the Windows OS and all of your installed apps.

Instead, I suggest you use the Winamp classic and/or modern skin preferences options to disable tooltips after you have learned what all the available tooltips are for the skin you are using.

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You're right. I still have a copy of the older Winamp version, and noticed that I disabled the tooltips in that version. So I did the same for this updated version. I installed 5.8 onto the 5.666 folder. I assumed that all the settings would be saved, yet this was one of the settings that went to default.

But yes, I got the issue fixed now.
Went to Preferences > Skins > Modern Skins.
Under General, I unchecked: Enable tooltips

Thanks for the assistance.
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Winamp should override the OS and give control to the user, perhaps via skin options... there should be more options than just enabled / disabled.

With a music app like this, those kinds of things can either be highly necessary or highly in the way, etc... esp if using Winamp for any kind of audience.

Given the state of Winamp, i won't hold my breath.

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