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Playing with interruptions if hdd accessed

When the harddrive is accessed, the song is briefly interrupted, or makes sounds like short static discharges. Sometimes it is stopped for a few seconds. Right now, for example, almost everytime the "Hdd activity" led blinks (routine hdd access every 10-15 sec, by windows - there is no other hdd activity) it's like there are little sparks inside the headset (obviously there aren't any, it's only when the hdd is accessed). Winamp is disturbed even by low hdd activity, like opening a small program. The song is briefly interrupted or slowed down. It's quite anoying, I can't do almost anything without hearing the song with interruptions. Happens even if I set Winamp thread priority to Realtime in task manager!!! How did it become so sensitive to hdd activity?? there are no new plugins installed...
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I've had this happen when I've misconfigured my hard drives (accidently set both to master on an IDE chain). Had a friend with the same problem when he forgot to jumper his sata3.0 drive to work properly on a sata150 drive. Poor drivers might cause the same issue.

There's also a chance that your buffer values are too low in the output plugin configuration. Make sure you're using the DirectSound output plugin, and try resetting to defaults.

Do other programs have the same problems with sound?
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The problem was that DirectSound wasn't selected as the output plug-in, the waveOut was actually selected To be sure, i switched between them a few times, each time restarting the song, while starting some "heavy" applications. When DirectSound was on, no problems occured. Only when waveOut was selected there were problems with the playback.

The values were already the default ones, and there couldn't have been any problems with harddrives, since i only have one & the cdrom.

I guess that was the problem, hope it won't reappear because it was actually caused by something else.

Oh, and I also noticed the same problem when BSPlayer was playing a mp3 file. In Audio preferences, it had "System default" selected as output. I set it to DirectSound, and it also appears to have solved the issue.

Thanks for the tip!
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